About Certification


N. L. C. S. C. I.  
New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International
NLCSCI is National and International

The Christian Private School

Teacher Certification Program


Steps to Follow

May Be Printed and Used For Check List

___1. Determine the certification areas you are interested in.

___2. Remit the required fees with the appropriate registration.  Fees can be payable either by check or by most major credit cards.
Subject 1: $50.00  (Additional $25.00 for each additional certification.)
Subject 2: Total $75.00
Subject 3: Total $100.00

___3. Complete all forms.

4. Provide the requested information and return the completed Application set, along with the specifications for your Certificate & Letter. Also, please include the following:

___Letters of references from previous school employers. 

___At least 3 other personal letters of references. 

___Copies of transcripts for all previous education degrees you have earned. 

___Code of Ethics

___Resume' of Teaching Experience

___Short Essay Detailing Why You Are a Teacher

In short order, you will receive your documentation including the Personalized Christian Private School Teaching Certificate, Personalized Letter of Confirmation as to your Professional Status and Credentials plus the Code of Ethics Document.