Accreditation Program Offered by

New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International


New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International (NLCSCI) was started in 1988 primarily to accredit schools that were direct extensions of New Life Ministries’ education program.  Since that time it has grown to accredit other schools and colleges as well who are not directly affiliated with the ministries’ education program.  At this time there are 60 colleges and schools accredited through NLCSCI in 15 states in the US and in 20 countries.  NLCSCI accredits Christian schools and colleges, not state schools and colleges.  Its purpose is to assist Christian schools by establishing a third party witness to their credibility of their performance, and excellence of their program.  Educational peers, professional educators, make the measurements of achievement. 


Categories to determine accreditation include, but are not limited to the following:


1. Accredited schools are required to implement policies and procedures that will assure public acceptance and recognition of their program.


2. Accredited schools are required to meet all legal requirements of the state in which they are located.


3. Accredited schools must keep permanent transcripts. 


4. Accredited schools must maintain a school year with the number of days that their state requires. 


5. Accredited schools must use an accepted curriculum that adequately meets the educational needs of the children they are serving. 


6. Accredited schools must implement a structured testing program.


7. The school must have a qualified and professional staff and the number of staff must be adequate for the number of students and the type of program and curriculum. 


8. Office staff must be proficient and records kept must be complete by a given formulae. 


9. The schools undergo site visits by a member of NLCSCI.  Overseas schools and colleges may be visited by a representative of NLCSCI from their respective country. 


This is only a core of the requirements and a brief outline of those.


Our accreditation process is an ongoing process by which we continuously work with the schools and colleges.  We make suggestions for improvements of the program and give them support based on our staff’s 30+ years of experience in Christian and public education.  The school must be found to meet or exceed the professional standards of excellence and be committed to continuous growth and improvement that is monitored by our association. 


New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International Accreditation Association is organized for the benefit and advancement of private non-public, Christian schools.  The US Department of Education has ruled that “there is not statutory authority for the Department to recognize any elementary through secondary accrediting agencies, including regional associations who accredit public schools.”  Private (non-public) schools operate privately and are regulated accordingly. They are not licensed, approved, accredited, or regulated as schools by the state.  Even though it is not required, many schools pursue accreditation as a show of their desire to achieve excellent standards.  This is above and in addition to the state requirements for private schools.  Private accreditation is not necessarily recognized by the state.